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In 2010, the Smithsonian established a new position, the Deputy Under Secretary for Collections and Interdisciplinary Support, to increase the visibility of the Institution's collections and preservation efforts and to serve as a central catalyst for Smithsonian-wide interdisciplinary initiatives. Click to learn more about the Smithsonian.

Caption: Scott E. Miller
Scott E. Miller
Deputy Under Secretary for Collections and Interdisciplinary Support

Scott Miller is the Deputy Under Secretary for Collections and Interdisciplinary Support, responsible for the central planning and development of the Smithsonian’s vast collections (138 million objects) including collections management, conservation and preservation, and related functions. He oversees the National Collections Program and interdisciplinary support operations, including the Office of Fellowships and Internships, Smithsonian Institution Scholarly Press, Smithsonian Archives, Smithsonian Libraries, and the Smithsonian Scientific Diving Program. Miller, an entomologist, is a key liaison between the Smithsonian and various cultural and scientific organizations in the United States and around the world, including the Interagency Working Group on Scientific Collections. (full bio)

Caption: Amy L. Marino
Amy L. Marino
Senior Program Officer

Amy Marino is the Senior Program Officer in the Office of the Deputy Under Secretary for Collections and Interdisciplinary Support. She participates in, and monitors progress of, the Smithsonian’s strategic collections initiatives and goals, and leads and participates on interdisciplinary committees and activities. Amy prepares regular progress reports, briefings and testimony for Smithsonian constituents including Congress, the Office of Management and Budget, and the Smithsonian Board of Regents. Amy manages grant funding programs and fosters collaborative relationships within the Smithsonian and with external partners such as the University of Maryland and the National Conference on Cultural Property Protection. Amy joined the Smithsonian as a Social Science Analyst at the Office of Policy and Analysis and also served as a Management Analyst within the Office of Protection Services.


Caption: William Tompkins
William Tompkins
National Collections Program

The National Collections Program is dedicated to improving the overall stewardship and management of Smithsonian collections by providing central leadership and policy oversight of Institution-wide collections initiatives.

Caption: Tammy Peters
Tammy Peters
Acting Director, Smithsonian Archives

The Smithsonian Archives captures, preserves, and makes available to the public the history of this extraordinary Institution.

Caption: Scott Miller, Acting Director
Scott Miller, Acting Director
Smithsonian Libraries

The network of 20 specialized research libraries that make up the Smithsonian Libraries provide the Institution’s research and curatorial staff with resources and services that are as diverse and deep as the collections, exhibits, and scholarship they support.

Caption: Ginger Strader Minkiewicz
Ginger Strader Minkiewicz
Smithsonian Institution Scholarly Press

The Smithsonian Institution Scholarly Press publishes scholarly contributions of Smithsonian curators and researchers, including monographs, collection catalogs, exhibition catalogs, technical studies and analyses, and edited collections and proceedings.

Caption: Douglas Schleiger
Douglas Schleiger
Smithsonian Scientific Diving Program

The Scientific Diving Program promotes and supports the underwater research activities of Smithsonian scientific divers.

Caption: Eric Woodard
Eric Woodard
Office of Fellowships and Internships

The Office of Fellowships and Internships has administrative responsibility for the Smithsonian's internships, fellowships, and other academic appointments.




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