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The six primary committees of the National Science and Technology Council are:

National Science and Technology Council

An NSTC organizational chart, with the appropriate subcommittees for each committee, is linked below:

* = congressionally mandated; ** = new group

Sub-group Focus areas Smithsonian Representative Smithsonian Alternate Representative

Committee on Science

Biological Sciences Subcommittee Synthetic Biology, biological data sharing, skilled biological data science workforce Scott Miller (DUSCIS/Office of the Provost) Pierre Comizzoli (Office of the Provost)
Open Science Subcommittee Public access to federally funded research publication and data Scott Miller (DUSCIS/Office of the Provost) Ginger Minkiewicz (SISP); Alvin Hutchinson (SIL)

Committee on Homeland and National Security

Bio Defense R&D Subcommittee Bio-incident preparedness and response, development of rapid R&D response capabilities, review/update biosecurity pathogen policies Suzan Murray (NZP) Scott Miller (DUSCIS/Office of the Provost)

Committee on S&T Enterprise

International S&T Coordination* Coordinate interagency international S&T cooperation and partnerships Scott Miller (DUSCIS/Office of the Provost)
R&D Infrastructure Coordinate policies and strategy around R&D infrastructure investments, including federal R&D facilities and large instrumentation Scott Miller (DUSCIS/Office of the Provost)
Scientific Collections Interagency Working Group Maintaining, expanding, and digitization of collections Scott Miller, co-chair (DUSCIS/Office of the Provost) Eileen Graham (OFI); William Tompkins (NCP); David Schindel; Carol Butler (NMNH)

Joint Committee (CoS & CSTE)

Research Integrity** Reproducibility, rigor, integrity, and replicability Scott Miller (DUSCIS/Office of the Provost)
Harassment** Addressing harassment of all forms for agencies and working with stakeholders to ensure effective policy impacts Brenda Malone (OHR)

Committee on Environment

Interagency Arctic Research Policy Committee* (IARPC) Coordinates Arctic research and investments William Fitzhugh (NMNH) Igor Krupnik (NMNH)
Subcommittee on Ocean S&T* (SOST) Coordinate and advise on interagency ocean S&T issues Emmett Duffy (MarineGeo)
Interagency Ocean Observations Committee Interagency Working Group* (IOOC) Coordinate R&D across the interagency on ocean observations Emmett Duffy (MarineGeo)
Ocean Acidification Interagency Working Group* Coordinate R&D on ocean acidification Whitman Miller (SERC)
Ocean and Coastal Mapping Interagency Working Group* Coordinate R&D on ocean and coastal mapping efforts Emmett Duffy (MarineGeo)
Subcommittee on Global Change Research* (SGCR) Coordinates R&D through the U.S. Global Change Research Program (USGCRP) NCO Pierre Comizzoli (Office of the Provost)
Earth Observations Subcommittee (USGEO) Coordinate research operations and activities for civil earth observations Pierre Comizzoli (Office of the Provost)

Committee on STEM Education

Federal Coordination in STEM Education* (FC-STEM) Subcommittee Oversee and coordinate the implementation of the 5-Year STEM Strategic Plan Carol O'Donnell (SSEC)
Strategic Partnerships Interagency Working Group** Build community resources for STEM education, work-based and informal learning Amy D'Amico (SSEC) Pamela Hudson-Veenbaas (OFI)
Computational Thinking Interagency Working Group** Increase digital literacy and data-driven problem solving, use of digital platforms Ashley Deese (SSEC)
Diversity and Inclusion in STEM* Interagency Working Group Increase equity in STEM for underrepresented groups Pamela Hudson-Veenbaas (OFI) Amy D'Amico (SSEC)

The NSTC and documents and reports online.

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