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The Smithsonian's collections—138 million objects and specimens, including 1,600 live animals, 157,000 cubic feet of archival material, and two million library volumes, all constantly growing—enable the increase and diffusion of knowledge in a manner available nowhere else on Earth. Smithsonian collections are a vital global asset for students, educators, scientists, scholars, policy makers, and enthusiasts—everyone in the United States or around the world interested in art, history, science, culture, and education.

Outstanding stewardship of the Smithsonian's amazing collections is the foundation of a public trust that extends from the Institution’s founding in 1846. The Smithsonian has made continual strides in improving the management, care, and accessibility of collections.

The Collections Care and Preservation Fund (CCPF) provides the foundation for a comprehensive approach to collections care that ensures the preservation and accessibility of the Smithsonian’s cultural and scientific collections, and supports the Smithsonian Institution’s Strategic Plan priority of strengthening collections. Since 2006, CCPF has awarded more than $19 million to 181 specific collections care projects.

Since 2006, CCPF has awarded more than $19 million to more than 180 projects, improving the condition and accessibility of Smithsonian collections ranging from national icons to biological specimens. These projects include: collections-level assessments and preservation surveys; collections inventory and processing; object stabilization and conservation treatments; and object housing and storage equipment replacement.  

Collections metrics are available on the Smithsonian Dashboard.

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