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National Collections Program

The National Collections Program (NCP) is dedicated to improving the overall stewardship and management of Smithsonian collections by providing central leadership and policy oversight of Institution-wide collections initiatives. NCP serves as a principle advisor to Smithsonian senior management, Smithsonian museum and research unit directors, and staff on matters relating to collections management policies, procedures, and standards. Working with Smithsonian senior management, NCP develops long-term strategies, priorities, policies, and plans that address Smithsonian collections needs.

The programmatic goals of the National Collections Program are to:

  • Advocate Smithsonian collections stewardship;
  • Develop, administer, and implement the standards of Smithsonian's Collections Management Policy and companion Implementation Manual to ensure Smithsonian collections are maintained according to policy, professional standards, and legal obligation;
  • Assist senior management in the formation and execution of the Smithsonian's budget strategies for collections, including administration of the Collections Care and Preservation Fund;
  • Provide leadership and programmatic support of Smithsonian interdisciplinary collections committees;
  • Working with the Digitization Program Office, provide oversight for the development, refinement, and implementation of the Collections Digitization Reporting System (CDRS) for reporting and analyzing collections statistics and assessment data as seen on the Smithsonian Dashboard;
  • Compile and produce reports on Smithsonian collections to support strategic planning, decision making, and various external reporting requirements;
  • Sponsor and support collections-related symposia, workshops, and training opportunities such as the "Summit on the Museum Preservation Environment" in March 2013.

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